Survey: How did Gov. Little do in His 1st Term?

9 replies on “Survey: How did Gov. Little do in His 1st Term?”

People better vote this China loving POS out of office come November. Chicken Little is no better than the scum bag swamp creatures in DC right now. He’s nothing more than a RINO

I want someone like DeSantis for my next Governor. I want an OUTSIDER just like Trump who is business-minded and for America First! I want someone who pushes back hard against any Leftist/Marxist policies from D.C.!

Any Governor who kept his State on Extreme State of Emergency knowing there wasn’t one, prohibits church gatherings & worship, masks kids & people, shuts down small businesses, locked People up in their homes, slowed CRT to indoctrinate our Children, accented Millions of Federal funds with strings attached, conspired w/ Hospitals & Businesses to force employee be vax’d, loss of employment, allowed schools to intrude in parental medical decisions..etc etc…is not honoring his oath to office & deserved to be locked up.

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