Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why do we need the Constitution Party of Idaho?

Below are several articles that you can read about why it is time for the Constitution Party of Idaho. In short, the two main political parties have failed to uphold the values Idahoans hold dear, and now is the time for a change.

The first article was written by Greg Pruett, State Vice Chairman of CP-Idaho:

The second article was written by Miste Karlfeldt, Ada County Central Committee Chairman:

What is the new two-party system in Idaho plan, and won’t we “split the vote?”

What many Idahoans don’t realize is that Democrats really don’t have any power in Idaho if conservatives don’t let them have it. There are so few Democrats in Idaho that in many counties/legislative districts the vote can be split down the middle between the Constitution Party of Idaho and the Republican Party, the Democrats still can’t win!

Check out this article to understand more about what we are talking about:

Don’t we need to support the real conservatives in the Republican Primary?

There has long been an argument that your loyalty belongs to the Republican Party if you are a conservative. This is exactly what the establishment GOP wants you to think, and it’s been very effective.

Meanwhile, real conservatives continue to get sucked down this rabbit hole with no end in sight. That’s why we wrote an article about how we must be ready to do the right thing, and that this movement is bigger than any one candidate or election.

Check out the article below:

Why not just save the Idaho GOP “from within?”

One of the most common arguments against joining the Constitution Party of Idaho, even from good conservatives, is that the focus should be on saving the GOP “from within.”

Our contention is that it can’t be done and that conservatives have been trying for over 100 years to save the GOP, and it’s only gotten worse.

Check out the article below for more details on why we believe the GOP can’t be saved:

Why should I run as a Constitution Party of Idaho candidate?

There are a lot of folks who want to run as a Republican because that is “what you do to win in Idaho.”

For those who are interested in not only running on principles, and don’t want to deal with the GOP establishment, consider running as a real conservative in the Constitution Party of Idaho!

Check out the article below for more details on why you should run on the CP-Idaho ticket:

How do I change my party affiliation to CP-Idaho?

Do you need to know how to register to vote or change your party affiliation? We have written a simple article, primarily for those looking to change their affiliation status.

Here is the link: