Press Release: Constitution Party of Idaho Opposes Prop 1

Coeur d’Alene: This November, voters in Idaho will have to decide on a ballot initiative question known as Prop 1.

Far-left extremist group Reclaim Idaho is pushing the initiative. The group also pushed for Medicaid Expansion several years ago. Expanding government is the organization’s goal, and Republican legislators seem unwilling to challenge the organization’s efforts.

Prop 1 was designed to dump $323 million into the education budget by taxing corporations more and creating a top tax bracket that would rival the one in communist California.

However, Reclaim Idaho’s insane tax hike is even worse than proposed because the tax cuts this year will be reversed, according to the Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office. If the tax cuts are reversed, the bill for Idahoans will be over half a billion dollars.

At a time when Idahoan’s citizens and businesses are struggling, there is no need to do a California-style, Bernie Sanders’ loving tax increase.

The education system in this country is broken. No amount of money can fix it.

There are solutions to fixing the education system, but none of it is going to be fixed with more government and more money. States all across the country struggle to find teachers who want to teach because the system is failing them. Rather than focus on simple education for our children, teachers are forced to deal with the “woke” agenda plaguing this country.

The Constitution Party of Idaho opposes Prop 1 and encourages all Idahoans to vote against the measure.

Additionally, we encourage businesses to come out and reject the proposal. If the measure passes, you can expect these larger businesses to simply pass the extra taxes onto their consumers.

Prop 1 is a tax on all Idahoans, not just the “rich,” as Reclaim Idaho claims.


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This is a direct assault on small-to-medium-sized businesses!

The big corporations will have no problems with any tax-increases, because YES – they will simply pass all that on to their consumers.

It is the much smaller privately-owned businesses who will be eventually closed out of the economy. They will NOT be able to compete with the big corporations any longer under such a warped economic model.

Government edicts, demands, mandates, and various other “laws” and policies – have always tended to favor and BENEFIT the largest of the corporations – to the exclusion of their smaller competing business rivals.

“Monopolism” is ENHANCED by further government-regulation!

“Over-regulation = STRANGULATION”

– JSSmith

The expansion of government should always be opposed. This will be a tax on ALL of us.
What really disturbs me is the division of people. Why should hard-working Idahoans who have reaped rewards through their hard work and financial success be suddenly more responsible for our children than anyone else? Why should corporations be held liable for the education system? This constant separation and grouping and creating castes is very detrimental to the UNITED States of America. It needs to stop.
If the education system needs improvement, let’s analyze the problem. Throwing money at it is NOT the answer.

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