Why Run as a Constitution Party of Idaho Candidate?

Everyone knows that Republicans control all statewide seats, most legislative seats, and most county seats in Idaho.

Yes, there are pockets of Democrat control for certain legislative seats and county seats. But for the most part, everyone who runs does so as a Republican, even if you are a Democrat.

No, that wasn’t a typo. Democrats run as Republicans in areas where Republicans have firm control because they know they won’t win as Democrats. The Democrats are even running for precinct committee spots in local GOP races to try and get conservatives out.

For conservative candidates who want to run for office, I contend that you should consider running on the Constitution Party of Idaho ticket.

In particular, if you are in a heavily-controlled Republican area, where the vote can be split, and the Democrats still can’t win. Then, running on the CP-Idaho ticket might be your ideal choice, and here’s why.

In even-yeared elections, the deadline to file for office in Idaho is in March. The primary always takes place in May. That means when you file in March, you only have a few months to run your campaign.

Yes, you can begin doing things earlier than March, but typically people aren’t paying attention to what is happening in October, November, or December of the year before. Nor do citizens really pay attention for the first few months of the New Year, especially as the legislative session is rolling during that time.

Suppose you file to run as a Constitution Party of Idaho candidate. In that case, you will file in February or March just as everyone else, but you have until November to do your campaigning.

There are a lot of events that you can attend during the later part of Spring, all summer, and then the fall to get your campaign out there. From rodeos to county fairs, you’ll have plenty of chances to make things happen.

On top of the timing, you also won’t be battling with the RINOs who currently control the Republican Party for the party’s nomination. Instead, you can focus solely on the general election.

We hope you will consider these factors as you contemplate a run for elected office. If you are a real conservative, consider running as a CP-Idaho candidate.

Together, let’s make general elections great again!

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