GOP Establishment’s Phony Conservative Stance on Vaccine Mandates

The talk of the entire country right now, including right here in Idaho, is the discussion of “vaccine mandates” for employees of private employment.

What is somewhat laughable is the stand that the GOP establishment has taken recently on the vaccine mandate issue by private employers and stating that government should stay out of the way of private businesses.

Did we already forget about Governor Brad Little telling making his dictatorial decision on what businesses were “essential” versus “non-essential?

Little forced private companies to shut down, and some of them never re-opened. Little’s interference in the affairs of numerous businesses and their private affairs between them and their employees had disastrous consequences for Idaho’s economy.

Idaho’s governor put people out of work by interfering with private business affairs, and we will not forget that.

House Speaker Scott Bedke (R), Senate Pro-Tem Chuck Winder (R), and other establishment GOP legislators would have you believe they magically found their limited government principles all over again when they decided not to support banning vaccine mandates.

They claim that it isn’t the government’s job to get involved in the affairs of private businesses.

Well, that’s a fantastic concept that the establishment GOP ignores each and every year when they meet in Boise to pass laws. The establishment GOP is constantly interfering in the affairs of private businesses.

The establishment GOP passes many laws that pit the government against private business owners from overburdening regulations, needless licensing, and increased taxes.

This talk by Bedke and Winder isn’t a real desire to limit the relationship between private businesses and government but rather a desire to protect special interests such as the donations the establishment GOP receives from the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. You can check the donations to each of them on the Secretary of State’s website, and you will see that many of them get donations from “Big Pharma.”

So, let’s not pretend that any of the establishment GOP suddenly cares about staying out of the affairs of private businesses.

No, if the establishment GOP wanted to really help the healthcare workers or any employee of any company that is being threatened with termination and still not interfere with their employment contract, then pull any and all government funding and assistance to businesses who mandate the vaccine. Additionally, remove any legal protections that you can for injuries as a result of the vaccine.

There are ways to fight back without having the government get involved in the affairs of private businesses. Still, we are not about to remotely pretend that the establishment GOP is suddenly motivated by limited government ideals.

We want to be clear that the Constitution Party of Idaho firmly believes that whether a citizen receives any vaccine or not is their choice. No one should be forced to inject a chemical into their body just because a government entity, the media, or your favorite leftist Twitter troll says it is okay and safe to do so.

No one, including other citizens, should be telling other people to get an injection of chemicals into their bodies unless you are willing to bear the consequences of that advice.

You have no idea what the potential risk is to another person’s health by just telling them to get a shot. You do not know their medical history, and maybe they have personal or religious beliefs that prevent them from “getting the jab.” We are letting the issue divide our country, and it’s putting us on a really dangerous path.

Stop shaming people for their personal medical decision on the COVID-19 shots. It’s none of your business.

And to the GOP establishment legislators, we hope to see you taking this same stance toward non-government intervention in private businesses when the legislative session kicks off in January.

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