The Two-Party System in Idaho Doesn’t Need to Include Democrats

Idaho, and America in general, has long been a two-party system.

We believe that most Americans probably do not fit within two major political parties. That number would probably be much larger if the system worked differently.

However, the Democrat and Republican Parties have been at the helm of American politics for many years.

Third parties have come and gone, and few of them have ever made a dent in American politics.

What if we told you that the Democrat Party could be displaced as the second political party for most of Idaho. Instead, the Constitution Party of Idaho could become the second biggest political party in Idaho?

The Democrat Party could essentially become the “3rd party,” and conservatives in Idaho could support better candidates in the general election!

You see, Democrats realized a long time ago that they don’t have a great chance of winning in Idaho outside of a few legislative districts they control in Boise and the Sun Valley area. That’s why many of them openly admit that they register as Republicans so they can win elections in Idaho.

What this Democrat infiltration has done, along with moderate Republicans who don’t understand the current threat to Idaho, is move the Idaho GOP further to the left.

The real battle in Idaho is between Democrat infiltrators in the GOP, along with their moderate GOP friends and conservatives who want to save Idaho and keep it from becoming the next California.

It is our contention that the Idaho GOP cannot be saved from within as so many have tried to do for so many years.

That’s why we believe the time is now for the Constitution Party of Idaho to represent the many conservatives in Idaho who are tired of the establishment GOP not upholding the Party platform that they espouse.

We know that many are concerned about a conservative 3rd party and what it might do to Idaho.

Won’t you just split the vote and give the victory to the Democrats?”

There is a prominent myth in Idaho that a conservative third party will give Democrats a victory.

But, what if we told you that in most of Idaho’s legislative districts, Democrats couldn’t win, even if the Constitution Party of Idaho candidate and the Republican party candidate split the vote evenly?!

For example, let us look at District 35, covering Butte County, Jefferson County, Clark County, and Fremont County.

In 2020, the Democrats didn’t have a candidate listed on the ballot, well, at least one with a “D” next to their name.

In 2018, the Democrats ran a candidate against Rep. Rod Furniss (“R”) in the General Election.

Here are the results of that 2018 race:

2018 District 35 Legislative Race in the General Election

While the Democrats managed 2,362 votes against Furniss, he still got over 12,000 votes. There aren’t enough Democrats living in District 35 to even come close to challenging the Republican Party.

Imagine for a moment if an actual conservative candidate with the Constitution Party of Idaho split the vote evenly with Furniss. The CP-Idaho candidate would receive 6,058 votes and so would Furniss.

Both candidates would easily beat the Democrat candidate no matter what.

Better yet, imagine a scenario where the conservative CP-Idaho candidate received 6,059 votes and Furniss received 6,057 votes!

Not only would the officially listed Democrat not win, but a conservative would now be in office, and the two-party system has now flipped to CP-Idaho vs. Republican instead of Republican versus Democrat!

This exact scenario can be replicated in at least 19 of Idaho’s 35 legislative districts, and as high as 25 of the legislative districts.

Here is one more example from District 11:

Rep. Scott Syme (R) beat his Democrat opponent by well over half of the total votes cast, meaning a conservative could have run against Syme from the Constitution Party of Idaho and beat Syme and the Democrat.

Democrats can’t win in District 11, even with a conservative 3rd party candidate in the race.

We don’t know about you, but the thought of displacing the Democrat Party throughout most of Idaho and making them the “third party” sounds like one heck of an idea to us.

Typically, 3rd parties are unsuccessful because they focus too much on the “bigger” races and are often led by people with good intentions but no vision or pathway to victory. In addition, 3rd parties ignore building the infrastructure from the bottom up using grassroots efforts.

The Constitution Party of Idaho does have a pathway, and we are excited to show Idahoans that nothing is impossible. Many Idahoans say they vote for principle over party, and we intend to challenge that belief.

You no longer have to vote for the “R” in the general election simply because you don’t want to vote for a Democrat.

Now, you can help support constitutional candidates when the “R” is nothing better than a “D” in disguise. You can vote for the Constitution Party of Idaho!

Note: If you would like a breakdown of your district to see if the Democrats can’t win where you are, please email us at

3 replies on “The Two-Party System in Idaho Doesn’t Need to Include Democrats”

I can’t dispute the numbers but the battle lies in the knee jerk reaction. It is difficult to get past that initial knee jerk.
Switching party affiliation is akin to losing religion to many party registered individuals.
There’s a huge sales job to undertake here!
I truly do hope for the Constitution Party can get it done!

Well, the beauty is too that people don’t have to switch for the general election if they don’t want to. Just vote your conscience if that’s what you want to do.

People can remain “R” if they like to fight in the primary and then vote CP-Idaho for the general.

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