Little Should Tell Biden Not to Come to Idaho, Use 10th Amendment to Protect Idahoans

President Joe Biden made one of the most dictatorial speeches ever by an American President on September 9th.

Just days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a time when Americans of all walks of life stood together, Biden just divided our country even more than it already has been in recent months.

Threatening private companies who don’t force vaccination or weekly Covid-19 testing is unconstitutional. Biden didn’t seem to care as he ranted about unvaccinated Americans who have chosen not to put a chemical into their bodies.

Biden is set to visit the state of Idaho on September 13, and the Constitution Party of Idaho is calling on Governor Little to rescind his invite and tell Biden that he is not welcome in our state.

Our hopes are not high that Little will do much to stand up to Biden. Compare the tweets from Little in comparison to other governors from Republican states.

Here is what Gov. Kristin Noem (R-SD) tweeted:

Here is what Gov. Mark Gordon (R-WY) tweeted:

Here is what Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) tweeted:

Finally, here is what Gov. Kevin Stitt (R-OK) tweeted:

What do you notice about each of these other Republican governor’s tweets? They are all telling their citizens that they will take action against Biden’s power grab. They are ensuring that their citizens know they have their backs.

Now, let’s compare what these governors said to what Gov. Little tweeted:

You’ll notice that while Little can at least recognize government overreach when it isn’t his own, he proposes no action and instills no confidence in Idahoans that he will stand up to Biden.

Will Little eventually show some leadership by standing with Idahoans against Biden’s edicts? It’s unclear and unlikely given Little’s history of his own edicts telling business owners which ones are “essential” and which ones are “non-essential.” It’s more likely that Little will continue to rely on more and more Covid-19 money, and standing up to Biden will jeopardize that money.

In addition to telling Biden not to bother stopping in Idaho, Little must call the legislature back into session and immediately implement measures to protect Idahoans from Biden’s unconstitutional Executive Orders. This is what the 10th Amendment was intended for!

Idaho is a sovereign state, and the entire purpose of having different states is so that each state calls its own shots and makes its own decisions based on the desires of the people who live here.

The Federal government was supposed to have very little power, and Biden and many other Presidents have overstepped their constitutional powers time and time again.

Now is the time for Idaho to assert its Constitutional 10th Amendment right to self-govern.

The Idaho GOP maintains a supermajority in the capitol and should use the opportunity to come back into session and pass laws that will protect Idahoans from Biden’s edicts. The question is, will they have the courage to do so?

For decades the Idaho GOP has had control of the statehouse, and one of the major issues we have in Idaho is that we are too reliant on Federal money to run our state.

You will hear lawmakers say that we have a “balanced budget” in Idaho, but that budget is only balanced because we use a lot of Federal money to do it. Therefore, Idaho cannot exercise our 10th Amendment rights if we rely on Joe Biden and the Feds to pay our bills.

If Biden’s unconstitutional edicts are not the catalyst for change our legislature and governor needed to change how we govern, then nothing will wake them from their slumber.

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Little lives up to his name! He has done very little for The State of Idaho other than to line his pockets and the pockets of his buddies in the good ol boys club. We’ve delt with rinos far to long its time to let them hear it at the ballot box.

Tell biden he isn’t welcome in Idaho one a last free states of America he can take his evil regime and move to China he is a traitor to this great nation and idahoans will not suffer him to defile our great state

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