Rebuttal: “I must vote ‘R’ because this one candidate is running!”

Each election cycle, some great conservatives run for office, and most of them run as Republicans.

As we look to the 2022 election cycle, many Idahoans may say that they want to support the Constitution Party of Idaho, but a candidate is running in the Republican Primary that they must vote for. It could be a statewide, legislative, or another candidate.

If we are ever going to change this country and get it back on course, we have to stop relying on one election or even one person to do so.

There will always be good people who run in the Republican primary. I have good friends who run as Republicans, vote as Republicans, and probably always will.

Every election cycle, you are always going to find an excuse NOT to do something different, and you will put your faith and prayers in a Republican Party that continues to let you down and attack you for your conservative values. The establishment RINOs will NEVER accept your belief in the platform, which is a great platform.

No, they know you will continue to try and fight them from within, knowing that good conservatives hate the Party politics that being in the GOP brings.

To me, the objective and goal of saving this state and country are more significant than trying to always stay in a Party that has long since dropped its conservative values when it comes to governing. It’s bigger than constantly fighting against the establishment machine of Democrats who have successfully moved the GOP to center-left.

I contend that the Republican Party can’t be saved from within.

I sincerely believe Idaho is in a unique position where conservatives from across the state can change the course of history by doing something bold, brave, and extraordinary. With its conservative base, Idaho can displace the Democrats as the “second party,” which I have talked about previously.

But too many people have been fed a lie from both the Republican Party and Democrat Party for decades, which is that you must vote for one of the major political parties because if you don’t, you are voting for the one you don’t like.

The reality in Idaho is that there are so many registered Republican or “unaffiliated” voters in Idaho that the Democrats could be rendered entirely useless if Idahoans really wanted to do it.

As of November 2021, the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office lists over 520,000 registered Republicans and just 135,000 Democrats. Additionally, the SOS lists 308,000 “unaffiliated” voters.

If just half of the “unaffiliated” voters switched to the Constitution Party of Idaho, the Party is now bigger than the Democrat Party!

I know many of you intend to stay in the Republican Party for the primary because you want to help. I’m not here to try and get every single one of you to switch.

But if you are someone who is “unaffiliated” and refuses to join the GOP, help us make a difference with the Constitution Party of Idaho. If you are a Republican, find those “unaffiliated” voters that refuse to join the GOP and tell them to join with us.

In the end, I believe that drastic changes need to be made, and Idaho must get back to our limited-government heritage and bring back solid constitutional roots.

We are running out of time. I am ready to stand with anyone who wants to help the Constitution Party of Idaho grow.

If you need help switching party affiliation, or you need help with updating your registration, you can read our article here for details on how to do that.

History is made by those brave and willing enough to get in the trenches for the cause of liberty.

3 replies on “Rebuttal: “I must vote ‘R’ because this one candidate is running!””

Constitutional Republicans need to take a hard look at what a Constitution Party really is.

Specifically, it neuters the establishment GOP, full stop. No more of the GOP establishment holding the true constitutional conservatives hostage. No more holding traditional Republican values hostage.

The time is now. There’s no tomorrow. There’s no “business as usual.”

Constitutional patriots must rise- right now.

If you need help switching party affiliation, or you need help with updating your registration, you can read our article here for details on how to do that.”

What article?

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