Vote for Paul Thompson – District 24, Seat A

We are excited for the candidates we have in the 2020 general election here in Idaho. Please take a few moments to learn more about our candidates.

In this post, we are going to highlight Mr. Paul Thompson.

Thompson is seeking to represent voters in Twin Falls.

Mr. Thompson is running against incumbent Republican Lance Clow. There is no Democrat running in this race. This presents a unique opportunity for many conservative voters to put their vote behind a real conservative in Mr. Thompson and no concern about “splitting the vote” as many incumbent Republicans like to discuss.

Mr. Thompson has been running an incredible campaign and reaching out to many voters in the Twin Falls area.

Paul wants a party to hold its candidates accountable to the platform when they are elected. He wants voters to know that the person they elected to represent them at the statehouse will do so, consistently and in line with what they told voters when asking for their support. That is the kind of people he looks for when he’s voting, and it is the kind of Representative he wants to be.

Paul will continue as the senior preaching pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, as he has since June of 2001. He has been an active advocate on many issues that have given him an understanding of the necessity of a responsible Representative. He will strive to be principled in his representation and act with integrity to the people, while not usurping the constitution. 

This election, send a conservative who believes in limited government to the capitol to represent the values that Twin Falls residents hold dear.

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