Vote for Tony Ullrich – District 23, Seat B

We are excited for the candidates we have in the 2020 general election here in Idaho. Please take a few moments to learn more about our candidates.

In this post, we are going to highlight Mr. Tony Ullrich.

Ullrich is seeking to represent voters in the Glenns Ferry, Mountain Home, and Hammett areas.

Mr. Ullrich is running against incumbent Republican Megan Blanksma. There is a Democrat in the race who does not appear to be campaigning. Despite a Democrat being in the race, voters can send Tony to the statehouse and not worry about “splitting the vote.” There are enough Republicans in the race that Tony and Megan could both get more than the Democrat.

Mr. Ullrich has been running an incredible campaign and reaching out to many voters in District 23.

Tony is well-versed in the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions and we look forward to him bringing that knowledge to the statehouse where a much more conservative Idaho legislature is desperately needed.

Vote Tony Ullrich for Representative in District 23, Seat B!

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