Constitution Party-Idaho Breaks Record

While we are disappointed that our candidates for state legislative office were not able to pull off a victory in the 2020 general election, we are excited about the progress we made in getting new voters to register with the party.

For the last few election cycles, the Constitution Party of Idaho has seen a consistent rise in our voter registration number. As more and more voters get tired of the antics within the establishment-controlled Republican Party, they are excited about having a party that will uphold true constitutional principles and not the special interests of lobbying groups.

We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, the Constitution Party of Idaho had over 4,000 registered voters!

Our total number during the month of February was 4,052.

The following month the Idhao Secretary of State’s office did what we call a “purge” of the voter rolls. The purpose of the purge is to remove voters that no longer vote in Idaho and voters who have not voted in some time.

Additionally, after each election, a number of people will change their voter registration which can also impact the numbers.

After the purge, the Constitution Party of Idaho’s total registered voters went back under 4,000 to approximately 3,700.

Nevertheless, we are excited to see the growth of the party and we hope that growth will explode even more. As voters realize that the 2-party system is destroying this country, the best thing we can do is give people options for representing them in government.

With Idaho’s vast amount of conservatives, we hope that you will find a home with the Constitution Party of Idaho.

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