Increase in Crime a Pandemic of the Unarmed

The F.B.I. says that crime increased rapidly in 2020.

It doesn’t help that extremists in the Democrat Party are pushing for the defunding of police or disbanding police departments altogether. Much of the crime increase came in Democrat-controlled cities where the “defund the police” mantra was prevalent.

However, we must look at the real problem, which is that the increase in crime results from too many unarmed Americans.

The number of armed Americans has increased substantially over the last two years but cannot keep up with the increase in crime. The number of armed Americans is still too small, as shown by the F.BI.’s report. (Story continues below!)

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Unarmed Americans across the United States are causing all sorts of crime because when criminals attack unarmed Americans, they simply move on to their next target.

Sure, we could blame the criminal for the crimes they are committing, but if those unarmed Americans had been carrying a firearm, they could have stopped the criminals right away and not let them move on to their next victim.

Instead, some Americans have chosen not to carry a firearm, putting the rest of us at risk. The selfish act of not carrying a gun has led to the deaths and injuries of thousands.

Perhaps it is time to pass firearm passports and force all Americans to carry a gun?

If you want to enter any public venue, you must prove that you are armed. If you don’t have a firearm with you, then you don’t get groceries, you can’t go to the movies, you can’t exercise, and we’ll be sure to demean you at every possible chance and shame you into arming yourself.

It’s time to treat unarmed Americans like the scourge they are on our society.

Perhaps President Biden can sign an Executive Order fining companies who don’t arm their employees? Of course, the Executive Order could also make firearms free so that all Americans can get a gun without any excuse.

It’s time for the rest of you unarmed Americans to start carrying a gun to decrease crime, slow the spread of violence, and help us get our lives back to normal.

I carry a gun for your protection, not for mine!

Of course, this is America, and the idea of government coercion or forcing people to be armed is contrary to the Constitutional principles of limited government and individual liberty.

No one should be forced to carry a gun, although I think more Americans need to carry a firearm. However, someone shouldn’t have to purchase or carry a gun if they don’t want to.

Similarly, you have the right to wear a mask or not to, and you have the right to get a vaccine or not to, or at least you should.

The government and vaccine and mask extremists have pushed Americans to the brink with their mandates. Their treatment of the “unvaxxed” is appalling and eerily similar to how tyrants talked about those they later killed in the name of “safety.”

Whether you believe in masking to fight Covid-19 or you believe the vaccine is a great way to protect yourself from Covid-19, no one has the right or power to tell you to do it.

If you want to do those things, that’s fine. If you don’t want to do those things, that’s fine too.

Americans must reign in the power that the government has taken over the last two years, or our country as we know it is gone.

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