Australia: Exhibit A on Not Giving Up Your Guns

For years now, the gun control crowd has pointed to the country of Australia as a bastion of why gun control is so fantastic.

Australians by and large gave up their firearms after a mass shooting in 1996, which led to the deaths of 35 individuals and wounded 23 others. Shortly after the incident, Australia’s government did a forced “buyback” program that imprisoned people who didn’t participate.

American gun owners have long argued that giving up your firearms is the quickest way to tyranny, and we are seeing that play out in Australia right now.

What is happening to our freedom-loving friends in Australia should be a wake-up call to Americans and especially to Idahoans. Idaho is one of the greatest states to live in if you love the 2nd Amendment.

Do we want to see what is happening in Australia happen here?

For a small example of what Australians are going through, here is a video of them protesting yet another massive government lockdown. Check out this news report from Rebel News (Warning for language!):

Protests have been rocking Australia for weeks now with no end in sight. Many Australians are tired of the government’s heavy hand over their lives and are beginning to fight back.

Ultimately, if the Australian government uses deadly force against Australians to quell the protests, what are the citizens going to do without the ability to fight back?

Other European countries are seeing similar protests against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. However, most European countries have also given up their firearms and are at the complete mercy of their government leaders.

Americans must speak out right now and defend liberty, even if the group being targeted is a group of people you may disagree with.

In Australia, the union workers did not feel the lockdowns initially, but now they are also being locked down. The union workers failed to stand up for the non-union workers in Australia initially because it wasn’t impacting them. Now the union workers have said they are upset that they didn’t stand up for the non-union workers.

We can’t make that mistake in America.

New York City is beginning to see protests supporting our friends in Australia. And the protests in NYC aren’t just “white male conservatives” like the media and leftist groups would have you believe.

Americans from every race and all walks of life are protesting vaccine mandates and speaking out in favor of freedom in Australia and here in America!

Check out this video here from NYC:

At the Constitution Party of Idaho, we stand with the 2nd Amendment. We do not compromise with it.

CP-Idaho is firm in our belief that the only way to protect liberty is by maintaining our ability to defend it.

No matter what group is being bullied by the government to enforce lockdowns, mask mandates, or vaccine mandates, Idahoans must defend them. Idahoans must speak out against these atrocities.

I stand with my friends in Australia, NYC, and here in Idaho in defense of liberty, and I hope that you will too!

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