Government, Media, and Liberal Activists Caused Vaccine Hesitancy

Whether you are for or against the vaccine, this article isn’t about its effectiveness versus ineffectiveness.

I’m not even here to tell you whether or not you should get the vaccine. That’s your choice.

I am here to tell you that heavy-handed government, one-sided media coverage, and liberal elitists are likely the major reason people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

When Covid-19 first began, Americans had no idea what was coming down the pipe.

Soon after cases began to spread across the country, there was a lot of concern because people weren’t sure how deadly the virus would be. The media took hold of the issue and began coverage of Covid-19 every single day.

Then, the famous phrase “15 days to slow the spread” began sweeping the country. Even in Idaho, Governor Brad Little (R) started talking about “slowing the spread.”

Eventually, “slowing the spread” wasn’t enough, and Little decided to shut down the state, forcing businesses owners to close up shop if they were “non-essential,” and some of them have never re-opened.

Months later and Covid-19 continued to spread, and Little and other governors kept pushing their dictatorial powers on citizens. Mayors and school boards joined in on pushing their own rules and regulations on citizens.

The media continued to talk about Covid-19 until it consumed nearly every story on their networks, with outlets like CNN having a death count tracker to drum up as much fear as they could.

In the meantime, we learned that most people who would get Covid-19 would survive just fine with minimal effort.

That doesn’t undermine the fact that people have died from Covid-19 and that more certainly will. But what citizens began to realize is that the government, media, and liberal activists like Anthony Fauci became drunk with power.

It’s been almost two years since Covid-19 began, and we are no closer to getting life back to normal.

Even if you are fully vaccinated, Faucci, the media, and Biden continue to tell people to wear a mask. They inform you that even if you get the vaccine, you are still going to get Covid-19, that you can still spread it, and that if the people who don’t get the vaccine are near you, you are still in danger.

I contend that if the government, media, and liberal elites hadn’t pushed so hard for people to follow Covid-19 protocols and then moved the goalposts every month, you would likely see a lot fewer people refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

There is not a massive percentage of the population that is “anti-vax.”

But I have spoken to a lot of citizens who say they refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine. These are people who vaccinate their kids and have their own childhood vaccines.

I ask these folks why they aren’t getting the vaccine, and their answers are all very similar.

Many of them feel uncomfortable with something that was put together so quickly without long term-testing to be sure. However, many of these people opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine talk about how they are just tired of Covid-19 being shoved down their throats and that it feels like the government just wants more control over their lives.

Additionally, these people have seen some of their family and friends suffer injury and even death shortly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine but have never seen the commercials, media, or government acknowledge any risk from the vaccine.

Now, the media, government, and liberal activists on places like Twitter are mocking and shaming people who refuse the vaccine by calling them “the unvaxxed” like we have a disease or are infected with some deadly virus.

If you are one of these people wondering who is to blame for a lower rate of unvaccination for Covid-19, perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you aren’t the one to blame.

I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be people who still don’t get it. I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be people who maybe wouldn’t get it unless they had had two years of non-stop fear pushed on them.

I contend that far more people would have gotten vaccinated had the government, media, and liberal activists not lied and abused their power for nearly two years.

I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway for a variety of personal reasons but many people I know likely would have.

The Covid-19 issue has shattered this country and the entire world. But, death aside, people are so divided on the topic that we have lost our humanity in some regard.

If the government wants to increase the vaccination rate for Covid-19, perhaps they could try the complete truth and complete data, including risks associated with vaccination. Maybe the media can cover both sides of the story and not be an arm of the government to churn out Covid-19 propaganda constantly.

If not, you can expect that the resistance to dictatorial moves being made right now will increase.

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