Far-Left Extremist Trying to Win Boise School Board Seat

A far-left extremist is trying to win a seat in Boise as a school board member.

Shiva Rajbhandari is a Boise High School senior, but it isn’t his age that should concern Boise residents who will vote in his race. No, it’s Shiva’s radical leftist extremism that should concern Boise residents.

This is exactly how the liberals take over states like Idaho. They use school board and city elections, where partisan elections don’t exist, to get their foot in the door. Turnout is low in these races, and liberal extremists use these factors to their advantage.

So, just how far-left is Shiva?

First, Shiva is a well-known “climate change” activist in Boise. Shiva is one of the youths who believes that the world is about to end in ten years if we don’t completely destroy our country for “climate change.”

In fact, Shiva is a part of a climate extremist group called “Extinction Rebellion.” The group is known for shutting down roads in cities, vandalizing private companies, and trying to use the government to force private companies to comply with their radical environmental demands.

Shiva also believes in destroying the 2nd Amendment, as all far-left extremists do. He was a member (and may still be one) of the radical “March for Our Lives” gun control group. Shiva pushes for “common sense gun solutions,” which is code for “ban all guns,” even though the far-left will never admit that’s what they really want.

In addition to Shiva’s anti-2nd Amendment stances, he is also pro-abortion, favors socialist Reclaim Idaho’s Prop 1 tax hike, and continually pushes liberal talking points on his social media. He also favors breaching the dams in Idaho, which would wreak havoc on Idaho farmers and our economy.

On top of Shiva’s far-left extremist stances, he is also endorsed by Idaho’s top socialists, such as Boise Mayor Lauren McLean.

Far-left Boise City Councilwoman Lisa Sanchez, who says that open carrying a firearm is racist, also endorses Shiva. Sanchez also famously said that she didn’t have kids because she was afraid white people were going to murder her children.

Liberal Jim Jones, who pushed Democrats to vote in the Republican primary earlier this year, endorses Shiva. Far-left Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate David Roth also endorses Shiva.

Again, this is how Idaho slowly loses itself to the radical left.

Idahoans have to pay attention to these local elections where liberal extremists are trying to gain traction. Conservatives need to turn out in these elections and ensure Idaho doesn’t become the next Oregon or Washington.

The election takes place on September 6, which is less than a week away.

Get out and vote. But when you get out and vote, be sure to vote for candidates who support our constitutional values and actually care about our Founding principles and the ideals of limited government.

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