“Republican” Lawmaker Loses Primary, Now Supports Democrat for November Election

Idaho’s Republican Party has long had Democrat infiltration.

Of course, if you ask the Democrats who are in office but pose as “Republicans” about their voting record, they’ll tell you all day long they are “conservative.” Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but if they continue to gaslight the public into ignoring the voting record before their eyes, they hope to fool enough people into voting for them repeatedly.

The true colors of these RINOs always come to fruition when they are retiring or lose their race for re-election.

Enter Sen. Fred Martin, a so-called Republican from District 15 in Boise.

Martin lives in what many would call a swing district. Idaho has very few competitive districts for the general election, and Martin’s district is one of them.

Several years ago, Martin won his general election race by just six votes.

This year, Martin was taken out in the Republican Primary election by Rep. Codi Galloway. Martin lost by double digits, and he apparently isn’t happy about it.

Martin has now officially endorsed the Democrat for the District 15 Senate seat he lost. (Story continues below.)

So, Martin loses his race and immediately throws his support behind a Democrat who belongs to the party of gun confiscation, higher taxes, and baby killing?

While many people may be surprised by Martin’s betrayal of the Republican party, I’m not. He wasn’t a Republican in the first place, and his voting record proves as much.

According to Martin’s record on the Idaho Freedom Foundation Index scoring system, here are his scores for the last three years:

2022- F (33.2%)
2021- F (43.5%)
2020- F (51.1%)

I wouldn’t exactly call that your stellar “conservative” scoring.

Whether you like the IFF rating system or not, the reality is that the bills are all scored before they are voted on. This means you can compare Martin’s scores against actual Republicans as well as his fellow Democrats.

For instance, here are Democrat Senator Janie Ward-Engelking had the following scores for the last three years,

2022- F (29.3%)
2021- F (42.7%)
2020- F (39.6%)

Ward-Engleking is a far-left Democrat, and Martin’s scores are nearly identical to hers!

What about his opponent, who defeated him in the Republican Primary election?

Interestingly, Galloway did much better as a Representative but was not what many would call a hard-core conservative. She didn’t score like Rep. Heather Scott or Rep. Ron Nate, who are stalwart conservatives.

Here are Galloway’s scores for the last two years, which was her first term in the House:

2022- C- (74.2%)
2021- C (72.9%)

So, Galloway is barely pulling at a low “C” for her scores, which doesn’t scream “Far-right” as the liberals would have you think she is. Why did Martin support her Democrat opponent in the general election?

The answer is simple: Martin is a Democrat and always has been.

It’s not the first time I have seen this happen. And this sort of treachery isn’t limited to just who these people support during elections.

What often happens when a legislator is going to retire is a completely different voting pattern than what they would normally do when they are trying to win an election.

Watch “Republicans” who are getting ready to retire and pay close attention to how they vote. When many of them are getting ready to leave, they vote with the Democrats even more often than usual.

For Martin, he is bitter and angry about his pathetic showing in the primary, and now he is lashing out. But the far-left extremists in the Democrat Party are all too happy to accept his help.

Even the Idaho Democrat Party Chair, Rep. Lauren Necochea, has thanked Martin for his endorsement of Rick Just. Here is her post on Twitter,

Make no mistake that Necochea doesn’t actually believe that we need “more of this.” There isn’t a single time where Necochea is going to push a Republican over a Democrat.

But the Democrats, especially in a swing district, are all too happy to have the support of a RINO who is betraying values he lied to his voters about.

The final question is, will the Republican Party denounce Martin for his betrayal?

Until the Idaho GOP starts denouncing this type of behavior from its elected officials, they’ll just keep doing it. But for many Senate leadership members, this type of betrayal is okay.

Why is it okay for many of the establishment Republicans to turn the other way for Martin-style betrayal? Because many of them are just as Democrat as he is.

If they call Martin out, someone is going to call them out as well.

Martin’s central committee should immediately censure him, and the Idaho GOP should also denounce Martin’s endorsement of Just.

The legacy of Martin’s time in the legislature is disgraceful and full of anti-freedom votes. He put the nail in his political coffin with an endorsement of everything Republicans are supposed to be against.

Good riddance to Martin and any other so-called Republican who supports what he is doing.

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That’s why I love Idaho Freedom Foundation! I agree they should be called out. Putting Idahoans before politics is not a democratic manta. There’s is, Whatever it takes, meaning cheat, lie, steal. Believe me they are in lockstep.

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