Press Release: Idaho Constitution Party Chairman Dave Hartigan steps down

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho—Constitution Party of Idaho (CP-Idaho) State Chairman Dave Hartigan steps down.

CP-Idaho’s State Chairman, Mr. Dave Hartigan informed leadership of the Constitution Party of Idaho that he must step down from the chairmanship. Due to family matters, the Hartigans are moving from Idaho to Florida. Thus, Mr. Hartigan will be unable to complete his term as CP-Idaho’s State Chair. 

Under the state party’s bylaws, Mr. Tony Ullrich, CP-Idaho’s current elected Vice Chairman, will step in as Acting State Chairman for the remainder of Mr. Hartigan’s term. CP-Idaho state party officers serve two-year terms upon election by the State Convention in even-numbered years. Outgoing Chairman Hartigan was elected in August 2020, with the term of office running until the conclusion of the next State Convention, to be held in August 2022.

The State Executive Committee will schedule a meeting to formally install Mr. Ullrich as Acting State Chairman and to name his immediate successor as Acting State Vice Chairman. Mr. Ullrich is currently organizing CP-Idaho’s second State Economic Conference. In 2013, CP-Idaho held a state economic conference in Meridian. Many of the subjects presented eight years ago at Meridian remain current concerns of the state party. The 2021 economic conference is tentatively scheduled this Fall, in September. Details and keynote speakers will be announced soon. 

CP-Idaho wishes to take this opportunity to thank Dave for his service to the state party as our candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2014, as our Vice Chairman in 2018 and as our State Chairman in 2020 and his efforts in Idaho’s Legislative District 15 in Boise. CP-Idaho wishes the Hartigans God speed in their travels and boundless blessings in their new home in Florida. They will be dearly missed in Idaho.



Tony Ullrich, Vice-Chairman
Constitution Party of Idaho
PO Box 186
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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