Are Americans Witnessing North Korean-style Propaganda in Our Own Country?

The country of North Korea is routinely mocked by Americans for the inability of their citizens to recognize what seems like fairly obvious propaganda by the North Korean government.

We know that state-run TV in North Korea is never going to show an opposing view. We also know that the North Korean government constantly feeds fears about the United States and portrays the North Korean government as much stronger than our country.

Some Americans think that what happens in North Korea would never happen in America.

However, I contend that we may already be in the midst of North Korean-style propaganda regarding certain aspects of Covid-19.

First, let me be clear that Covid-19 is real, and it is killing people. Second, it should be your choice what chemicals you put into your body, if any, to protect yourself from Covid-19.

That being said, if you watch what is happening with the Covid-19 shots, something feels off about the entire effort to push the vaccine. I think most people can recognize that there seems to be a concerted effort to silence any and all opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine(s) or alternative treatments to fight the virus.

Elected officials, appointed “specialists,” the media, and so-called private companies are doing everything in their power to silence anyone questioning the Covid-19 vaccines or advocating alternative treatments that may help people.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are working hand in hand with the media and the government to stop what they deem as “fake news” or “misinformation” about the vaccine and alternative treatments. This article itself will probably trigger the government elites who are trying to destroy our country.

Is what the American media, government agencies, elected officials, and Big Tech doing any different than what is done in North Korea, minus the executions?

Americans who question the vaccine’s safety, discuss potential injuries from the vaccine or push additional treatments as an alternative have been forced “underground,” so to speak. They speak in code on social media and fear that their thoughts on the issue may lead to them losing their jobs or being mocked by the media and liberals on social media.

My goal with this article is not to disagree or agree with any particular side of the vaccine issue but to point out that what is happening with the silencing of opposing views is extremely dangerous.

The propaganda machine appears to be moving full steam ahead.

The next natural step in places where the government imposes its imperial control is to use violence to impose their will. Look at what is happening in Australia and the government’s treatment of those who are exercising free speech or refusing to vaccinate.

I warned in a different article that the path we are on is a dangerous one. Vaccine mandates being forced on people is a recipe for disaster for a variety of reasons.

The government expanded its power across the country when Covid-19 first began, and now it is claiming even more power. As a result, we continue to find our country on a dangerous road.

Americans must stand firm and find alternative routes to continue to have open discussions and dialogue about any issue, including Covid-19.

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