Greg Pruett Announced as State Vice Chairman

I am pleased to announce that I have decided who will be the new State Vice Chairman for the Constitution Party of Idaho.

I did not take this decision lightly. I struggled over it for many days. The person I chose has been a member of the party for several years and contributed greatly to it. Unfortunately, he left the party in 2019, feeling the party was not ready for the changes it needed to advance its goals.

I have worked with him on several occasions, and we see eye to eye on just about every topic. He has continued to help the party from the outside and has been more than happy to help me get the party moving in the direction it needs to be headed over the last 30 days.

I am appointing Greg Pruett as State Vice Chairman for the Constitution Party of Idaho.

Here is what Greg had to say about the announcement:

“It’s an honor to be selected as the new State Vice Chairman for the Constitution Party of Idaho. I’ve never done the easy route when it comes to politics. We need something different, more bold, and more conservative than the political party options we have now in Idaho. I can’t wait to help CP-Idaho become a tremendous force for Idahoans that want real limited government.”

Greg has shown a tireless effort in the fight for liberty and conservatism in Idaho. He has the skill sets the party needs. He will be a great addition to the party’s executive committee and an asset any political party would be privileged to have. I feel blessed to have Greg on our team and that he is willing to step up and put forward the effort this position requires with the little amount of free time he has.

Many people did not realize that Greg was previously a member of CP-Idaho, and he even took some hits because he is a many of principles, not just a member of a party to “fit in.” However, his membership in CP-Idaho did not change the battles he took on at our State Capitol. Greg is a man of unwavering conviction. He is a man I have been proud to call a friend for many years, and I know he will do everything he can to help CP-Idaho here in Idaho.

I have asked Greg to take charge of our social media activity and head up our fund-raising efforts. He has given me great advice in both areas over the last 30 days, and neither of these areas is even remotely close to my area of expertise.

Greg has a great rapport with people, and they either love him or hate him. The fact that establishment Republicans hate him will play an advantage and a disadvantage to us. Greg being the State Vice Chair, will certainly bring in many new faces and many attacks from the establishment elite. Fortunately, the flack we will receive from this will be flack we have expected for years as we make Republican lawmakers nervous and become a threat to their not-so-conservative ways. While a few conservatives may attack Greg for not just following the “Republican” methods of politics. Greg is standing up for the conservative principles he espouses and is not beholden to the Republican machine. I commend Greg for standing on his principles and ideals, knowing this could make other areas of his life more difficult.

Greg did voice a few concerns with me. One is that his activism could draw negative publicity to the party. I have no issue with his activism and feel no member of CP-Idaho should either after all the things he fights for are the things we say we stand for in the Party.

Greg and I do not agree on a couple of topics. Yet, we can put these issues aside and work beyond them. The great thing about CP-Idaho is that we are each entitled to our own opinion. We are free to voice those opinions and respect each other’s opinions.

Greg and I will have many projects ahead of us. Our goals are to grow the Constitution Party of Idaho into a politically active force. We are working on setting up County Central Committees, building membership, and bringing the party into a more modern approach to politics. In addition, we will be updating our platform with a modern format and wording. CP-Idaho has often been described as a one-topic party. This has never been true, and we plan to change that line of thinking.

I urge each of you to contact Greg or myself with any concerns or questions about CP-Idaho or either of us. We are happy to discuss them with you. We want to hear your ideas. Together we can make CP-Idaho a political force that is unstoppable in this state.

Would you please help me in welcoming Greg to his new position at the party? Let us make CP-Idaho a political party that will keep Idaho the conservative home we love.

Tony Ullrich
Acting State Chairman
Constitution Party of Idaho

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Sounds like a good choice to me. The constitution should the law not “interpreted into whatever agenda the libs are going for next” Stay strong❤️???

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