Doug Traubel Announces Switch from GOP to CP-Idaho, Will Run for Ada County Sheriff

2022 Candidate for Ada County Sheriff, Doug Traubel, announces he will run for the office again in 2024. Traubel, a lifelong Republican, and once precinct committeeman for the Elmore County Republican Central Committee has changed his affiliation to the Constitution Party.

Readers may recall that in 2021 Traubel was voted #1 by the Ada County Republican Central Committee to replace former Sheriff Bartlett who stepped down abruptly for reasons still unknown. With Traubel as the top-ranked candidate for appointment, the three finalists went before the Ada County Board of Commissioners. It was the prerogative of the commissioners to ignore the will of the Central Committee and vote/appoint out of order from the list of ranked finalists. The #3 candidate, Matt Clifford was appointed.

Leading up to the Board’s vote over the three finalists, came a flurry of emails to commissioners for and against Traubel. Much of the opposition to Traubel was fueled by content of his provocative political commentary over the years, not the least of which is his book, Red Badge – A Veteran Peace Officer’s Commentary on The Marxist Subversion of American Law Enforcement & Culture. His book came to light during his commissioners’ interview and subsequently recast him in a negative light on the front page of the Idaho Statesman and other news outlets. Traubel’s book covers many topics including race, crime, the border, police use of force, the proper role of government and the origins of the Soviet Union.

It is the last topic that gave the most fodder to his opponents and critics in the media who labeled Traubel an “antisemite.” Traubel defended himself from the ad hominem attacks by publishing an Op-ed replete with sourced material in support of Chapter Two of his Book, The Reality of Marxism: A Sinister and Depraved Heart of Darkness. It is in that chapter where Traubel illuminates in academic fashion facts not commonly known about the first Communist state and the significance of its Jewish origins.

Traubel was the only candidate who received a standing ovation from the public at the end of his commissioners’ interview. The interview focused almost entirely on taking Traubel to task on his writings. Ultimately, Commissioner Rod Beck cast the tie-breaking vote saying it was, “… a matter of conscience.”

In 2022 Traubel doubled down. He challenged the appointed Clifford in the GOP primary. Traubel lost carrying an impressive 34.4% of the vote.

The Constitution Party State Chair Tony Ullrich and Traubel recently discussed Traubel’s decision to change party affiliation to the Constitution Party.

Ullrich asked Traubel why he is running again and why the change to CP.

Here is what he had to say:

“We are in a Maoist Cultural Revolution with consequences to our liberties and safety. I believe I am the right man to be Sheriff. Just as before, I am running under the banner of Constitutional Sheriff. What that means is that I understand what the oath of office looks like — in action. I am not the generic pusillanimous candidate. When it comes to speaking and acting on uncomfortable truths, I am bold. When it comes to defending people’s constitutionally protected rights, I am intrepid.

During the last primary season Victor Miller, Chairman of the Ada County Republican Central Committee, denied me a debate with Clifford when I asked him for one in a text. In my opinion there is strong evidence for me to believe there were high jinks by Victor Miller and Rod Beck that favored Clifford during the appointment process and the subsequent primary election. I could elaborate, but it is not productive. Running on the CP ticket allows me to sidestep the shenanigans and put my focus in front of me, not behind.

The Constitution Party embraces my oath-centered passion. Without a Sheriff who will put the oath in action, the Constitution has no teeth and the government is unrestrained. The citizen shrinks when government is not put in check. We saw this when churches were closed among other rights stepped on.

I am proud to stand with the Constitution Party; it suits me and I am glad to give them a spotlight. I have changed parties, but I have not changed. I have a lot of support from registered republicans and there are many independent voters in Ada County. My top ranking in 2021 by the Ada County GOP Central Committee proves there is support for a Constitutional Sheriff and those same people will now have the option to vote principle over party in the General Election November 5, 2024.

The Ada County GOP is divided ideologically and many republican voters were misled about me by the negative press. The 34.4% that voted for me can do so again in what will likely be a three-way race. In addition, Ada County’s independent voters will have a viable alternative in the General Election. This is a highly winnable scenario.”

Ullrich asked Traubel if he expects his writings to be a continued source of attack during the 2024 campaign cycle. His answer:

“Bring it. My book defends itself. I am not a coward who hides behind a nom de plume. My name is on it. I said it. The material is evergreen and true. I have the guts to speak truth and speak truth to power. I invite the curious to read it in context.”

Ullrich asked Traubel about his thoughts on his third-party candidacy splitting the vote and possibly giving Ada County its first democrat sheriff, provided Victor McGraw runs again.

“I see no substantive difference between McGraw and Clifford in terms of how the Sheriff’s Office would be run. In either case the people’s rights would not be protected. The possibility of me splitting the vote has no measurable difference in outcome for the people under a McGraw or Clifford administration. If COVID 2.0 comes around, it is my opinion that they will not defend the many rights stepped on last time. I am very different. For example, as sheriff I would not have allowed my deputies to arrest citizens for failure to appear on the steps of the courthouse because they refused to wear a mask and were denied entry. A judge’s mask edict does not trump a constitutionally protected right, specifically Article I, Section 18 of the Idaho State Constitution that guarantees open access to the courts without prejudice. Under Sheriff Traubel, my deputies would be trained in their oath and know the right thing to do is deliver the citizen to the courtroom. I could give you more examples of what the oath-in-action looks like, but that one is perhaps the most relatable given that we saw the news footage of deputies violating their oath by arresting people in that very circumstance.”

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Unfortunately, most Idahoan don’t bother learning about the candidates and vote for the “R”. They do this without realizing many of our government officials in Idaho are Rinos and received funding from Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Medical and Big Corporations, thus pushing the Biden agenda.

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