2020 — Why bother to take a census?

Here’s part of the problem with what is going on in the US House—disproportional committee assignments and therefore disfranchisement of American citizens.

One American, one vote. Right? I mean, not for nothing, these United States hold a decennial census and theoretically re-calibrate federal representation of the People. Right?

Baloney. Based on the rancorous partisanship in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the dirty back room dealing, the question should be “Why bother counting?”

Take the Committee on Rules for example. This House committee is crucial to preserve Congressional order against a majority mob. A lawful republic will always protect minority rights, because if it does not do so, justice cannot be obtained. Nor can honest legislation.

So, anything that disfranchises any part of the American electorate is patently wrong, and should be condemned, right? Well, not exactly it seems.

The 116th Congress breakdown currently is: 233 Democrats, 197 Republicans, 1 Independent and 4 Vacancies. [See image below.] A simple exercise in math gives the majority Democrats 53.6% of the House, and the minority Republicans have 45.3%.

Now take a look at the structure of the House Rules Committee [See image below.] Rules is currently comprised of 13 members—specifically 9 Democrats and 4 Republicans. On Rules, Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 2 to 1. In no way does this reflect the actual House.

So wait a minute here…another simple math exercise proves the committal assignments on Rules are absolutely corrupted. Minority Republicans (holding 45.3% of the House) should have 5.889 seats on Rules. Majority Democrats (at 53.6% of the House) should have 6.968 seats…this assume the Rules Committee even remotely considers itself to be representative of the People.

Yes, “fractional” seats are not practical. So, we round up. Therefore, if truly representative, the Rules Committee should be comprised of 6 minority members and 7 majority majority, as we speak. But how is it currently assigned?

No. Democrats hold 9 seats on Rules, which is to say Democrats currently control 69.2% of the seats. Automatically, that is in effect a super majority…even though they do NOT control one the House chamber. As such, the minority need not apply an opinion on Rules, where Republicans hold 4 seats (i.e. 30.7%). Representatively, Republicans have been reduced by a third. This one committee (out of many committees) simply does not reflect the American electorate.

So, one American, one vote? Gimme a break. “Adjusting” fair representation with the U.S. Census? Why bother?

The Rules Committee demonstrates the extent of the games being played, of disproportional representation being imposed by whichever duopoly party gains the majority in the U.S. House. The worst part is, assuming “rules” are created to be followed, this particular committee should be the LEAST partisan oriented…if rules are truly rules. The longer the People accept this imposition of a totalitarian parliamentary bullying, the deeper the divisive anger and the dirtier the legislation.At the risk of redundancy, when you sleep upon your rights, you will awaken without them.

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