2022 Constitution Party of Idaho Candidates!

2022 will be a record-breaking year for the Constitution Party of Idaho.

We will have 15 candidates listed on the ballot this November! The growth of the party in the last nine months has been incredible.

We want to remind all CP-Idaho voters that there will be a statewide primary for our party for the office of governor. Unaffiliated voters can also vote in our primary but must first affiliate with the party.

Here is a complete list of candidates for CP-Idaho:

Governor: (Primary is May 17 or before for early voting)
Chantyrose Davison
Ryan Cole (Write-In)

The winner of this race will represent the Constitution Party of Idaho on the ballot in November.

The following candidates will ONLY appear on the November ballot:

United State Senator: Ray Writz

Lt. Governor: Pro-Life (Marvin Richardson)

State Controller: Miste Gardner

State Senate (Dist. 6): James Hartley

State Representative (Dist. 8A): Steven Feil

State Representative (Dist. 8B): Tony Ullrich

State Senate (Dist. 11): Kurtis Berger

State Representative (Dist. 13A): Petre Danaila

State Senate (Dist. 14): Kirsten Faith Richardson

State Senate (Dist. 15): Sarah Clendenon

State Senate (Dist. 21): Monica McKinley

State Representative (Dist. 21A): Daniel Weston

State Senate (Dist. 22): Brendan Gomez

State Senate (Dist. 25): Paul Thompson

During the next few months, we will try to get all of the information we can from these candidates so they can be posted on the state website to keep voters informed.

Be sure to share this article and spread the word that CP-Idaho is rocking 15 candidates this year, and we look forward to even more growth in the future. Now is the time to make a stand, and Idaho is the place!

6 replies on “2022 Constitution Party of Idaho Candidates!”

I’m having trouble finding candidate statements in the primary on the internet. Are you still planning on putting up candidate info?

I wish someone would ask all the Candidates who run ?????’s that Idahoans want to be answered….like
1. It is impossible for North Idahoans to participate in any Capital Business, Capital
protests, or even to converse w/ the Gov., House Reps & Senators. You email them
& the response you get is a campaign letter that tells you how great of a job they
are doing. You call they are never in, but you can make an appointment, Ya I will get my plane ticket & be right down before 5:00, & they never return a phone call.
Brad little is the worst.
We Northerners want to merge with Ore’s The Greater Idaho but leave out Boise area, (ranked # 38on UN’s website) & other cities who belong to the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable plan, then make Lewiston our Capital as it was chosen & dedicated by the 1889 Congress to be the Capital. I read the ICP’s 15 candidates running in November & not 1 was from a Northern district…see., but being against the rules my # 4 Dist. candidate Tara Malek Jalali, MUSLUM, (Father is Housein Jalali) who owns no property in Kootenai County, has NO USA political experience & she Dam well has no business running for anything in the USA. Another 1 Why aren’t background checks ran on these elected officials? They do for the jobs we Idahoans apply for? They should be asked their religion, & opinions of lobbyist, Un nited Nations climate change hoax & why won’t someone remove the Illegal Federal Rsve Bk. & the 1913 Fed act desolve. 1871 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION it is bankrupt & created illegally by the TALMUD EVIL JEWS Google it
Bring back The United States for America Republic (origial) from 1870
There’s many more

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